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Back care and nutrition

Dr. Streiff has helped me stabilize a chronic back condition and balance my hormones through nutritional assessments and supplementation. She has been my chiropractor for 13+ years and I am very grateful for her wisdom, continued research into alternative medical solutions and convenient office locations.

- Mary Ashton


Finest care available

I was fortunate to have met Dr. Susan Streiff when I had needed a chiropractor. After many years I can readily state that she is not only the best chiropractor I have visited, but also one of the finest doctors that I see on a regular basis.

Her professional manner and thoroughness assures the patient that they will be communicated with, diagnosed, treated and receive the finest care available. In my own experience, each visit begins with a professional assessment designed to understand not only the current problem but what led to its onset. This is followed with exacting treatment designed to alleviate the problem. She also provides exercise routines and home remedies that allow for continuing improvements over time.

When I first began seeing Dr. Streiff I was sleeping in a chair (for over a year) and in a great deal of pain. After a course of treatments I am pleased to say that I generally feel healthier and free of pain. While I do see Dr. Streiff for regular adjustments as needed, these are to maintain and continually improve my flexibility and well-being.

I should note that Dr. Streiff is also a registered nurse and her wellness clinic is designed to speak to nutrition as well as help build habits leading to a healthy lifestyle. I have recommended Dr. Streiff to my sister as well as many others that have benefited from her intelligent, careful, and considerate care!  A grateful patient,

- Craig A. Czar


Help for back and hip misalignment

Dr. Susan Streiff uses a gentle and effective approach to correct and bring relief to my lower back and hip misalignment issues.

- Mike

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